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Medical Traning Services

Medical Traning Services

I am from a registered cosmetic clinic of London where I discovered how uninformed and misinformed Londoners are about natural and cosmetic skin care. My blogs are to educate general public about different Botox training,Aesthetic training and cosmetic courses For more details please visit: http://www.theharleystreet.com/

7 Tips To Get The Best Botox Treatment

The use of botox as a cosmetic treatment for treating the signs of ageing has increased immensely during the past few years. This has attracted not just the professional doctors and practitioners towards aesthetic practice but also many non-professional people have taken a plunge to perform botox treatments without any formal medical knowledge and botox training courses.

This has made the choice of a right practitioner and botox clinic very difficult for the patients. However, some simple tips can help you in making the process easy ensuring that you have a wonderful experience with botox treatment.

Botox is a neurotoxin that works by paralysing the muscles. It blocks the nerve impulses from the nerve endings towards the muscles which relax them. As a result, the surface skin appears smoother and free of wrinkles while significantly decreasing the appearance of fine lines. The effect of the treatment last for about 3-6 months on average after which the effect of botox eliminates and the facial muscles revert back to their natural state.

The botox treatment is quite effective for the dynamic lines and wrinkles which are formed due to movement of a face such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles and squint lines or crow’s feet. The botox injections cause mild discomfort and the procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.

Generally, botox treatment is safe when performed by experienced cosmetic practitioners trained in botox training courses however there are frequent media reports of bad botox experiences. These usually results when the treatment is performed by unprofessional and untrained people. To help you in making the right choice of botox clinic or practitioner, here are some useful tips.

1.    The botox injections require skill and expertise. Therefore the treatment should only be performed by a medically qualified, trained and experienced practitioner who has attended proper botox training courses with hands-on experience. In addition to doctors, there are trained nurses and dentists who are also administering botox.

2.    Check the registration of your practitioner with the pertinent regulatory authority such as for doctors, its General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK and NMC for nurses. You can check their status online through the registration checking services of GMC.

3.    Check that your practitioner has a proper insurance coverage before undertaking any cosmetic procedure. It is also called ‘medical indemnity’. This is for your own protection in case the procedure goes wrong.

4.    Take the treatment of an established and reputed medical, dental or cosmetic clinic who has trained botox injectors trained in formal botox training courses. Recently, non-medical premises like saloons, beauty clinics, spas etc. have started offering botox treatment that is not safe, sterilised and equipped with the necessary equipment to handle any medical complications. Avoid having botox injections at botox parties or at home as this can be potentially harmful and dangerous.

5.    Look for that clinic which provides the botox and other injectable treatments on regular basis and has other clinics at different locations nationwide or internationally.

6.    Most of the reputed and established clinic provides free pre-treatment consultation to the clients to address the concerns and apprehensions about the treatment. They also provide clear and concise details of the treatment with benefits, side effects and risks involved.

7.    Another important feature to look for in a good cosmetic clinic is follow up services because the full effects of botox treatment take almost 2 weeks to show up. The follow up will ensure that you get the best results and nothing is missed out.


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